World Maritime News


World Maritime News covers all global issues relating to transporting cargo on the ocean and the various implications of tariffs and trade regulations.

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American Shipper


American Shipper is one of the best places to get comprehensive updates on developments in the shipping field, regardless of it’s by sea, air, or ground. They post articles and the latest developments in the area.

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Cargo Business News


Cargo Business News is designed intently for those currently in the industry who are looking to expand the information available to them and more effectively run their company.

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gCaptain is a blog rich in resources for those involved in maritime cargo transportation and posts are particularly interesting, often framing the latest news events through the lens of a seasoned maritime expert.

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Maritime Economics & Logistics


Maritime Economics & Logistics is a quarterly scientific journal that analyzes global supply chains and the implications of how they’re structured. It’s an incredible source for trying to grasp one of the most complex concepts in the world.

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Baird Maritime Shipping News


Baird Maritime Shipping displays an impressive thoroughness concerning maritime news, opinion pieces, and features on the latest developments in the industry.

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One More Pallet Blog


One More Pallet Blog is an incredibly useful site that breaks down the supply chain into a more transparent manner that is more effective for customers and clients. It helps reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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Erie Shipping News


Erie Shipping News covers all the latest information relevant to shipping on Lake Erie and the area surrounding it. The posts show different aspects of shipping across the lake and keeps those who work there up to date.

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Shipfax details ships and shipping from Halifax, Nova Scotia and the international shipments that run through the ports in the area. Posts explain the different ways the Halifax area is integral to the shipping community.

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The Virtual Shipbroker


The Virtual Shipbroker blogs about shipbroker and chartering information, along with useful insight into salary information and jobs. If you’re involved in international cargo transport, it’s a very useful site to get some of the most up-to-date information in the field.

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Maritime Executive


The Maritime Executive is an information packed periodical that covers every aspect of the maritime shipping industry, from piracy to shipbuilding, environmental impact, government regulation, and much more.

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Journal of Commerce Port News


The Journal of Commerce Port News has a large amount of information concerning maritime, ports, rails, trucking, and many more transportation and shipping methods.

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TradeWinds is a leading news source, since its launch in 1990, and keeps those in the shipping industry updated on the latest developments on the business front.

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Marine Insight


Marine Insight has the best information for everything concerning the sea and transporting goods across it. Posts are updated at a very impressive rate and this site is definitely worthwhile.

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Port Technology


Port Technology International conveys some of the best information relating to ports around the world. The site also has a variety of papers and journal entries to read through, along with events.

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Maritime Matters Shipping News


Maritime Matters Shipping News has all information relating to cruise ships and ocean liners across the world.

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Halifax Shipping News


Halifax Shipping News is a leading information source for Canada and often depicts the most important developments in Canadians Shipping through it’s posts.

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The Cargo Channel


The Cargo Channel is a television channel complete the latest information regarding cargo transportation between countries on sea bound vessels. The site also has an informative blog and great tips for being more environmentally friendly.

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Shipping and Freight Resource


Shipping and Freight Resource functions as an intuitive resource for shipping and freight, often posting useful blog entries that detail some of the more convoluted aspects of properly working in the industry.

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Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide


Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide has all the latest shipping news, commodity information, along with in-depth reports and analysis of all the latest developments in worldwide shipping.

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